TSTP Components

The Teacher Support Team Program (TSTP) is a comprehensive model for ensuring student training of prerequisite learning skills. The six (6) essential components of the TSTP model collectively form skills training system that ensures successful learning for all students:

  1. Parent Involvement - Parents understand the benefits of individualized assessment and are prepared to offer support and information when necessary and appropriate. The more involved the parent is, the higher the student achievement level will be. The TST actively involves and communicates with parents on an ongoing basis.
  2. School-wide Screening -- Every child is assessed to identify levels of mastery for pre-requisite and fundamental learning skills. Students with learning challenges are identified.
  3. Cross-Disciplinary Staff Teams Assembled -- A team of teachers and professionals specializing in various areas of learning are assembled and assigned to provide their input into the educational success of each child.
  4. 10-Week "Plan-Do-Review" Cycle -- The team works to implement a specific short-term plan in support of each child. At the end of plan implementation, progress is assessed and determinations for future interventions are made.
  5. Appropriately Timed and Sequenced Instruction -- An array of intensive intervention services is provided in the developmental sequence that children acquire them.
  6. Comprehensive Information Management System -- A detailed, confidential database containing pertinent information about each child is developed and maintained.