The Teacher Support Team Program meets and exceeds the requirements of key education reform initiatives:

No Child Left Behind Legislation - Passed by Congress in January 2002

  • Holds every school accountable for ensuring every child is learning--regardless of race, family background, or disability
  • Requires schools be held accountable for measuring and reporting student progress and achievement for every child, every year
  • Focuses educational dollars on proven, research-based approaches to helping children learn; more flexibility in use of federal, non-Title I dollars allows for expenditures for innovative programming
  • Provides parents with expanded options and choices regarding their child's education; parents are allowed to transfer their child to a better performing schools
  • Creates more opportunities for parents, educators, and other stakeholders to "break the mold" and create new schools

Teacher Support Team Alignment With No Child Left Behind Legislation

  • Provides screening and assessment of every student within 30 days of enrollment to identify learning difficulties
  • Monitors and tracks the achievement and progress of every student using multiple instruments
  • Utilized materials and practices proven successful and supported by research