What is TSTP?

The Teacher Support Team Program (TSTP) is a well-organized, school-wide model for planning and providing individualzed instruction, as well as monitoring student progress in 10-week increments throughout the school year.


The goals of the Teacher Support Team Program are to:

  1. Tailor instructional intervention to ensure each student develops prerequisite learning skills;
  2. Prevent student learning problems;
  3. Intervene as early as possible when learning problems emerge;
  4. Correct underlining deficits in student skill level, thinking, and/or planning;
  5. Ensure compliance with mandates of Special Education legislation; and
  6. Provide skill training services to all students including those with learning challenges.


The TSTP model is used to ensure each student acquires prerequisite skills needed to succeed in school as well as assist students who have fallen behind. The program is based on the premise that academic success requires each student to master trainable skills that are prerequisite to successful reading and learning.

The Teacher Support Team is not a Special Education Program, nor is it a program designed only for students who have learning problems. The Teacher Support Team provides a service delivery model for schools to ensure effective instruction to every student, whether in regular education of Special Education.

The program creates an ideal instructional setting by providing high levels of support for teachers. In this instructional setting, responsibility for student academic outcomes does not rest solely on the individual teacher working in isolation. As a member of the team, each teacher works collaboratively with the school administrator, other professionals, and paraprofessionals.

Team members share responsibility for developing individualized instructional plans and assisting with implementation of instructional interventions.

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